Tips on how to be Successful in Starting From Scratch

March 5, 2014

Tips on how to be Successful in Starting From Scratch

Have you ever had to start all over again from scratch? Perhaps in a relationship, with a job, a fitness challenge, or a recipe? If you’ve been there, you know that starting from scratch can be one of the most challenging adventures to embark on. You also know that, despite the risks, starting over can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Below are the three motivating (and simple!) mantras I use whenever I have to start from scratch:


Embrace the spark of creativity and spontaneity
No matter what your age, there should always be an inner part of you that is still a kid. When there is a shift in direction or change in life it’s up to you to start thinking out of the box. The life you create is your destiny. When you start to make a decision, trust your gut and stick with the direction you’re heading with a positive attitude. The world is your oyster. It will respond to you more than you think, relationships will grow, people will come out of the woodwork and with an open mind, you can properly nourish your soul and develop in more ways than you even believed were possible! But it starts with you and you are responsible for the direction in which you choose to lead and the company you wish to surround yourself with.

I Believe I Can!
Life is a beautiful gift. Look it in the eyes with eagerness. It’s okay to be scared of a challenge, it is only natural, but make an effort to wake up each morning and say, I have a right to make my voice heard; my mark is important; and anything I attach my name to will be a representation of who I am and what I believe in. Stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I can.” We tell little ones from birth that “dreams are possible” … but do we, as adults, really believe this? Believing it is part of welcoming the unknown.


Ponte Vecchio, Florence "Firenze" Italy

Photo taken overlooking the Ponte Vecchio, Florence “Firenze” Italy

Staying on track begins with an open-mind and YOU
Trust that there is a plan for you. A dream without a plan is only a wish. So dream but strategize, plan, set goals and do! The best way to embrace a journey is not to look only for the destination but to enjoy every step along the way. The ‘how’ of getting there is most important. You can not start baking a pizza without the thought process of how long you think it may take. For me, I would never make a pizza and put my name on it unless it had just the right crisp in the dough, and evenly distributed toppings on each bite! You have to do in order to achieve. Do not compare yourself to anyone else, because no one else is on your life path and no one has your dreams but you. Keep that in mind and your journey will truly be a one of a kind adventure.

Peace, Love, Gelato,



Peace, Love, Gelato,

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