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Have you ever seen anything like this? Only in TOKYO !

March 27, 2018

An absolute must-see when visiting Tokyo is one of the top, most famous intersections right outside of the Shibuya station. The unique experience of observing and walking among about 1,000 (yes, that’s one thousand!) people crossing the streets (and all at the same time!) in the main intersection of Shibuya Crossing! If you head to Shibuya Crossing on a Friday or Saturday, be prepared to notice higher volume of people. This is a ‘scramble’ with 7 crossroads coming together with lights turning all at the same time!

On your mark …


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You may ask, “How do this many people cross the streets at once on one of the busiest streets in Tokyo?” Here’s my recommendation of the best place to view it all is on on the 2nd story of the Starbucks in the Tsutaya building (‘Q-building’ on the north side) where you can watch the crowds filled with tourists, commuters and locals with precise direction as people cross the busy streets. When the traffic lights turn red, pedestrians begin to cross until lights turn green and they come to a hault, and vehicles then begin to pass with order and ease.  If you head there in the late afternoon, be prepared to see the bright lights on the tall buildings.

Photo: Sipping an iced green tea frappuccino at Starbucks while overlooking the busy streets at Shibuya Crossing: 21-6 Udagawacho, Q Front Building – Shibuya, Tokyo


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