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Easter Monday in Italy, “La Pasquetta”

April 2, 2018

Growing up first generation Italian-American, I am always excited to celebrate Easter Sunday with a bonus of celebrating Italian traditions on Easter Monday, La Pasquetta. On this special day, ‘etta‘ meaning ‘Little Easter‘, celebrated today April 2nd, people in Italy enjoy picnics outdoors especially in the countryside with their Easter Sunday ‘leftovers‘ from egg omelettes (both fried and baked) to calzone and breads.

One of my favorite delights to enjoy on Easter Sunday is ‘la frittata’  a glorified fried egg omelet !

‘la frittata’

There are several variations of ingredients used in a frittata and different methods of preparing it. Some may say tossing of the frittata from the frying pan into the serving dish (without it crumbling or sticking to the pan) may be the most tension-filled part of making the dish! The goal is for the frittata to be in one piece (almost like a pie or a cake) until you slice it and serve!

For starters, try a frittata with eggs, mushrooms, bacon, vidalia onion, parsley, shredded mozzarella cheese and a few dashes of salt … like the one in the photo we enjoyed on Easter Sunday! It took about 20 eggs to make this one and I promise you will not be disappointed. In replace of the bacon, Leftovers like small cubes of ham or asparagus can be used in a frittata.

Warmed up and served for breakfast the day after Easter, garnish with some parsley ….and there you have it  !

What meals and traditions do you look forward to most during Easter?

Buona Pasquetta to you and yours!


Peace, Love, Gelato,

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